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Welcome to Union Station, where fitness coaches are your friends, and great conversations carry on long after your workout. Our members and guests love our social activities that range from baseball games and tapas to bike rides along the Platte.

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Comfortable and welcoming, Colorado Athletic Club-Union Station offers our members and guests the best fitness options in Denver.

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Friendly, familiar faces, our trainers and instructors are dedicated to you and your success. They also happen to be right in your backyard.

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There’s training, and then there’s personal training. Get to know our professionally certified team, and discover they’re as talented at what they do as they are personable. With sessions available throughout the day, achieving and surpassing your goals is closer than ever.

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The studios at Union Station are designed for you to get the most from your workout. Seamlessly move from a warrior pose in yoga class to our state-of-the-art cycling studio as you get ready for your next triathlon.

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Union Station exercise equipment

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