2020 BLAST! Summer Camp

at Colorado Athletic Club – Inverness

We are excited to announce that we will be moving forward with Blast Camps for summer 2020. After very careful planning and much deliberation we feel confident that we can offer you and your camper a safe, active and engaging experience. That said, 2020 Camp will be different than our previous summers; most your children won’t even know the difference. Following is a list of the changes we know we’ll need to make to offer a safe camp experience to as many of our families as possible.

1. Camp will be held only at the Inverness Location (374 Inverness Parkway, Englewood CO).

Why only Inverness?
Inverness has multiple isolated locations for pods of likeminded/age children. Each of these locations are converted into “classrooms”. Each classroom will be home to no more than 10 campers (age appropriate), spaced safely apart every 6’. We will have 2 counselors per classroom, a 5:1 ratio. These requirements adhere, and in some cases exceed, the Governor’s state mandate.
2. We are offering 1-week camp sessions starting July 13th with the last week being August 10th. We are unable to offer drop in for summer 2020 but can offer 3 day camp.
3. We’ve made pricing simple! Weekly cost is $250 per week; 3 day weekly camp will be $180 per week. No discounts can or will be applied.
4. Campers, ages 5-12 will be able to enjoy camp this summer. We look forward to seeing our very youngest campers (3 + 4 years of age) next summer when we can cuddle with them.

Now that we have the business portion of our communication out of the way, let’s talk about what a day at camp will look like.

1. Check-in will happen at a side entrance to the club. You will see signage. We will be keeping the campers separated from the general membership population upon entry and exit.
2. We will be taking the campers temperature, and that of the parent dropping off their child, daily.
3. Staff temperatures will be taken daily.
4. Staff will wear masks during check-in and throughout the day.
5. You will drop off your child at the outside entrance and they will be escorted to their classroom by their counselor.
6. You may choose whether or not you’d like your child to wear a mask. We will honor your decision unless State or Local guidelines tell us differently, which we will then be required to adhere to.
7. Each week will include segments of Tennis, Basketball, Sports Conditioning, Swimming, Rec Sports, Crafts and active play time. We will focus on these sports in ways that deter contact.
8. We will be washing hands at each transition from one activity to another. For example: 20 minutes of BB drills, wash hands, transition to art, wash hands, transition to yoga, etc.
9. Pick-up will happen outside of the club, near the side entrance. Be sure to have your ID ready. It is recommended to sanitize again once your camper has arrived in your care.

Wow! That’s a lot to take in, but you can see that we are thinking through a safe and healthy camp for your children to experience a bit of “summer”!

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Blast camp and for trusting us with your child in this “new normal”. Together we will get through this!

Best Wishes,
Vince Bordino

Thank you for
your interest in
BLAST! Summer Camp

We look forward to serving your child’s needs in a safe and fun way! We will take all requests and ensure we can follow State, Local and CDC protocols. Thank you for your patience while we put together a great 2020 camp season.

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