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Boulder fitness club

The Social

Striving for your goals, and celebrating accomplishments with others, elevates your workout from going to a “gym” to being a member of our club. The relationships you form on the fitness floor and in classes are built on trust and shared experiences. Get to know this healthy community even better at one of the many social events hosted by Colorado Athletic Club-Boulder.

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The Scene

Happy Hours

  • After you sweat it out, kick back with other members and enjoy a good drink and even better conversation
  • The friendships built during these events spill into the club. The camaraderie is apparent as you walk through the club and hear laughter from the locker rooms

Pool Parties

  • Soak up the rays at our family-friendly pool parties
  • The relaxed atmosphere is a perfect way for you to get to know more members and make new friends
  • Meet fellow members and their families and get some business networking in while you do it

All members are encouraged to invite their friends and family!

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