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Dream Big

Grooming the athletes of tomorrow starts today. We know kids learn differently, and our expert coaches develop personalized training plans for your kids based on their current skills, goals and aspirations.

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Kids Swimming Programs

Riptide Swim Team

  • For advanced swimmers based on age, our swim team offers a competitive swim environment for kids looking to refine their skills in the pool
  • Swim team coaches work with your swimmer to improve techniques and get race-ready

Riptide Great Starts

  • Swimming is a lifelong skill. Great Starts gets kids as young as 6 months familiar with the water
  • 1-on-1 lessons with our certified instructors build confidence and comfort in the water for your little ones
  • 15-minute sessions, two times per week dramatically improve their comfort in the water

Riptide Group Swim

  • Riptide Group swim lessons encourage your kids to become more confident in the water
  • With low swimmer-to-instructor ratio, these classes teach independence in the water and prepare them for Stroke School